3 DAYS ONLY ! VOD of FMWE 3rd show “BATTLE ROYALE” English commentary

3 DAYS ONLY ! VOD of FMWE 3rd show “BATTLE ROYALE” English commentary
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FMWE 3rd round “BATTLE ROYALE” English commentary

  • From September 25, 2021 (Sat) 0:00 to 28 (Tue) 23:59[JST]

You can watch the main match of our 1st show( Jul 04) and 2nd show[(Aug 15), and all matches of the 3rd show of FMWE by watching VOD for 3 days only.

FMWE VOD streaming trailer

August 15 FMWE Round 2.
Atsushi Onita requested a single match for 5 minutes to Shadow WX, who turned into Mr. Pogo, in order to fulfill the humiliation of the flame attack in the first round, but Atsushi Onita could not settle. On the contrary, Onita was smashed his head and blown up by the electric current blast chair, and Mr. Pogo won.

August 20th.
Mr. Pogo rushes in at the press conference that was for announcing the Jhoshi Explosion Princess Tournament.
Atsushi Onita suddenly decided to change the main event. Atsushi Onita VS Mr.Pogo in a single match “Deathmatch of the hell 3”.

≪Battle card≫

● 1st match: 6 Men tag match

Naoshi Sano, Takumi Sakurai, Yuichi Taniguchi VS Monster Leather, Mr. Atomic, Toshiya Kawarai

● Hideki Hosaka Memorial Ceremony

● Second match: Hideki Hosaka memorial match

Atsushi Onita, Raijin Yaguchi, Ricky Fuji, Mammoth Sasaki, HASEGAWA, Pandita, Enozawa,

● Third match: Joshi Explosion Princess Tournament 1st Round 1at Match

Miss Mongolia VS Ann Cham

● 4th Match: Joshi Explosion Princess Tournament 1st Round 2nd Match

Akane Fujita VS TEKLA
[Notice] Because Akane Fujita was absent from this match, only the greetings of Tekura on the ring.

● Fifth Match: Dangerous Demon Stick Exploshin Mixed Tag Match

Isami Kodaka, Suzu Suzuki vs Abdullah Kobayashi, Risa Sera

● sixth Match : Deathmatch of the Hell III

Atsushi Onita vs Mr. Pogo

English commentary: Michelle

●this is not a Live Streaming.