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Company NameONITAYA Co., Ltd.
FMWE division
Head Office〒812-0011
2-19-17-312 Hakataekimae Hakataku Fukuoka city, Fukuoka, JAPAN
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代表取締役大仁田 厚

Special Supporter

Kofu-Field Co.,Ltd
CEO Hidetaka Kajiki

” The appeal of sports is universal thoughout the woeld. We believe the power of sports can cheer up not only Japan but also whole the world. “


Hidetaka Kajiki was born in Kagoshima in 1964. After working for a major auto parts manufacturer and a management consulting company, he is currently the owner and manager of Kouf Field Co., Ltd. which designs, constructs, and maintains grounds such as stadiums. His life mission is to make people realize the “connection” between people through the fun of playing sports , the fun of watching sports, and sports entertainment that impresses many people.